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Final Reflection – TI2011

I will not lie when I say that this class surprised me a lot. I think disruptive or different styles of education and teaching are refreshing and should be implemented more in universities. In this article I will explain why my Project Evaluation course this semester exceeded my expectations and I will share some ofSigue leyendo «Final Reflection – TI2011»

The Deadline – Long awaited finale

I decided I was going to finish writing about this book by not writing at all. I liked making the Guess Song’s Name Challenge, but in these final two chapters, 22 and 23, there was not a lot of useful information to include. So instead, I’m closing this series of posts about The Deadline, bySigue leyendo «The Deadline – Long awaited finale»

Guess song challenge: Deadline chapters 20,21

Welcome to the latest edition of Guess This Song Challenge! The rules are the same as always: I place a song down below, which has changed lyrics, and you try to guess the name of the song. This time the lyrics come from chapters 20 and 21 from the Deadline, by Tom De Marco. JustSigue leyendo «Guess song challenge: Deadline chapters 20,21»

Guess song challenge! Deadline chapter 19

Hello everyone! It’s time for the next Guess Song Challenge, as always with original music and changed lyrics. This time the lyrics talk about chapter 19 from The Deadline, by Tom De Marco. Enjoy and hope you guess the song (this one is easy). If you have trouble listening in the embedded player, use thisSigue leyendo «Guess song challenge! Deadline chapter 19»

Project Management and Evaluation – Second Partial Reflection

Good morning, this time I come with the second partial reflection about the course I’m currently taking, which is Project Management and Evaluation. There were a lot of interesting things I learned, it is one of my favorite courses this semester. Here I leave my audio reflection: If you have trouble viewing the embedded player,Sigue leyendo «Project Management and Evaluation – Second Partial Reflection»

Guess the Song Challenge #3: Deadline 17-18-Interlude

Hello everyone, this is the third edition of the grand «Guess the Song Challenge» with twisted lyrics. As always, try to guess the original song, but the lyrics were changed to match the best concepts about chapters 17 and 18 of The Deadline, by Tom De Marco. I was going to also include the interludeSigue leyendo «Guess the Song Challenge #3: Deadline 17-18-Interlude»

Guess the song! Deadline 13-14

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to play with you a little game: Guess this song’s name, but with a little twist. I’m changing the lyrics with the most important insights of chapters 13 and 14 of The Deadline, by Tom de Marco. Enjoy it! P.S. : I don’t sing well at all. Just trying toSigue leyendo «Guess the song! Deadline 13-14»

Belok: the enemy arrives

As Tompkins says and forshadows, he didn’t have until this point someone that caused problems to his strategy. Everything was going perfect, the members of his crew were the best and deadlines were fine, but, where is the challenge? In this story, it has a name: Minister Belok. Today I’ll be talking about chapter 11Sigue leyendo «Belok: the enemy arrives»