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Guess song challenge: Deadline chapters 20,21

Welcome to the latest edition of Guess This Song Challenge! The rules are the same as always: I place a song down below, which has changed lyrics, and you try to guess the name of the song. This time the lyrics come from chapters 20 and 21 from the Deadline, by Tom De Marco. Just as always, plain simple. Enjoy.

If you have trouble enjoying the song with the embedded player, use this link: https://clyp.it/udmfhpje


Always make agendas
Respect people’s timing
This way they can see
If the meeting competes them

Agendas make meetings smaller
Get inside those key players
Decisions will be much easier
And time will be saved

Large meeting are a problem
They create confusion
Consensus can’t be settled
Better cut some people

If you face a similar problem
Don’t worry I got you covered
There is a sacred ritual
To kick some people out

Like a good old ritual
There ares rules
Rules to be set
Make your meetings small
Without hurting no one

Use this ritual
To adjourn people

First say your intentions
Then wait for agreement
Choose a couple persons
Whose’s time is valued

Make them rise they say a statement
What they expect to be seen without them
Make everyone make an agreement
That’s the final step

Moving on to next chapter
They talk ‘bout code inspection
It saves time testing
Unless design is perfect

Don’t solve pathologies
They are just useless 

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